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Nicole Hladni

Birth And Postpartum Doula

Supporting families to plan and thrive in their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

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Who Am I?

I became a doula after having the most magical birth experience at home with my first born. I wanted all women to experience the emotions I felt and knew that all women deserved to walk out of their births feeling positive, supported, held and heard. 

I believe that through continuity of care this is how we can support families best. from maiden to mother

Nicole was my doula for the birth of my third child

and it was the best birthing process I had

experienced largely thanks to Nicole. She was

respectful and considerate of all my needs....


I'm Nicole,

I am a full circle doula supporting families through pregnancy, birth and the few months following. I am qualified as an Early Childhood Educator which has helped me become the mother I am, added to my knowing of how important it is for us to create our own village of support and how important those first few years are. 

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